Translational bioinformatics, that is, translation of biomedical advances into clinical practice in the context of personalized medicine, requires the study of different kind of molecular data that are briefly referred as omics data (genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic or interactomic data).

The aim of the Master of Science program in Omics Data Analysis is to produce well trained professionals who after graduation would be able to perform efficient and rigorous omics data analysis in a wide range of applications. The master responds to the growing use of high-throughput omic techniques, both in the context of biomedical research and in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and the increasing demand for highly qualified professionals in this field.
The program will provide knowledge of the most important techniques for omic data acquisition and analysis. The students will be able to analyze omics data information using appropriate statistical and bioinformatics tools.
The teaching methodology, in collaboration with research centers and companies in the field, will ensure that a wide range of applications are covered. 

Place: Barcelona Location
Language: English
Timetable: 3pm to 7:30pm in-person or online (classes are recorded)

From October 27, 2014 to March 27, 2015.
Enrollment deadline:
19 September of 2014
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Tuition fee 2014:
84,33 eur/ECTS

PhD Studies

The Msc degree in Omics Data Analysis is an officially verified master program that gives eligibility for scientific postgraduate studies (PhD program)

The University of Vic has a PhD program in Systems Biology

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